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American Airlines to increase flights from New York
American requested authorization from the DOT to increase frequencies between New York and Buenos Aires, going from one daily flight to 12 per week. American, which will cease flying from Chicago to Buenos Aires on September 3rd as part of its cost-reduction plan, would resume flying the new route on December 18th.

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American Airlines to increase flights from New York
American requested authorization from the DOT to increase frequencies between New York and Buenos Aires, going from one daily flight to 12 per week. American, which will cease flying from Chicago to Buenos Aires on September 3rd as part of its cost-reduction plan, would resume flying the new route on December 18th.

LAN will fly to Ushuaia
LAN announced that it will cover the route to Ushuaia with a daily frequency beginning July 11th. The route will be operated with an Airbus 320 aircraft. The airline stated that the flight to Ushuaia will be added to the beginning of operations to Neuquen and to the incorporation of more frequencies to Salta, Mendoza, Cordoba and Comodoro Rivadavia, in Chubut.

Varig incorporates two new 737-700s
The airline added two new Boeing 737-700 Next Generations to its fleet. The aircraft, whose model is one of the most modern in its category, will be used in the shuttle service between Rio de Janeiro (Santos Dumont) and Sao Paulo (Congonhas).

Pluna presents expansion plan
Pluna’s commercial director presented new routes, frequency expansions and aircraft. Pluna will fly the Rio de Janeiro-Curitiba-Montevideo route daily, with connections to Buenos Aires, Santiago, Cordoba and Rosario. The expansion plans to include destinations such as Porto Alegre, Brasilia and Belo Horizonte.

LAP will invest US$ 61 million in airport expansion
LAP announced that it is investing US$ 61 million in the second phase of expansion works at the Jorge Chavez airport, which will conclude in December. These works will prepare the air terminal to receive 10 million passengers per year.

Aerocondor will continue operating Lima-Cajamarca-Lima route and flying over the Nazca Lines
Aerocondor announced that it will continue operating the Lima-Cajamarca-Lima route and flying over the Nazca Lines. Regarding recent incidents which have forced them to temporarily suspend all operations with the Boeing 737-200 fleet, it stated out that they are currently being investigated by competent bodies.

LAN Peru will fly to Cajamarca
The inaugural Lima-Tumbes-Lima flight will take place on Wednesday, June 25th, while on Friday, July 25th, operations to Cajamarca will begin. LAN Peru will operate four additional Airbus 319 aircraft, which will be assigned to cover national and regional.

Casa Cartagena to open in August
The luxury hotel Casa Cartagena will open its doors in Cusco a short distance away from Plaza Nazarenas and the Hotel Monasterio, reprogramming its opening for the beginning of August. Casa Cartagena will be the new Italian chain Luxury Properties & Spa’s first hotel in Peru.

Acqua Hotel Resort Spa plans to build 7 hotels
The 5-star Hotel Spa, in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, will have 115 rooms including 15 luxurious suites. It will offer the first spa of international quality in Peru with an area of more than 2,500 m2, which include 7 treatment rooms, 3 hydrotherapy pools, a Vichy shower, oxygenation room and rooms dedicated to fitness and yoga.

Visas will not be necessary to enter for 90 days
The President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, ordered that starting this month, visas will not be required for citizens of any nationality who intend to enter Ecuador for tourism and stay for a period of 90 days.

Avenida de los Volcanes implements tourism road signs
The municipalities of Ruminahui, Mejia and the metropolitan district of Quito form a territory with several touristic alternatives for activities such as mountaineering, hiking, horseback riding, bird watching, camping, photography and educational activities, as well as services offered by the local population.

Continental Airlines to cancel Cali-Houston flight
The airline announced that the measure will be implemented as of September 3rd. It is one “of the many difficult measures which Continental is adopting in order to respond to fuel prices,” said the airline. Regarding its daily flights from Bogota to Houston and Newark, it said that they will be complemented with a second daily frequency from Houston beginning in October.

Spirit Airlines will fly from Bogota and Armenia to Florida

The airline informed that it will begin daily flights between Bogota and Fort Lauderdale starting July 24th. The route from Armenia would begin operating at the end of this year. The fourth destination to which it will fly in Colombia will be San Andres, in order to connect it with the United States as of May, 2009.

May require visa from Europeans
Migratory measures in the Old World would motivate a visa similar to the one put into effect this year for North Americans. The Bolivian Ministry of Foreign Affairs warned European Union nations that it would implement an entry visa for European citizens who wish to visit the country.

Copa Airlines receives new Boeing 737-800
Copa Airlines received a new Boeing 737-800. It is the largest aircraft of Copa’s fleet with a 160 passenger capacity- 16 in business class and 144 in the main cabin. The aircraft has a spacious interior, with large overhead compartments, reclining seats and an entertainment system with 12 audio and video channels.

TACA will operate new route between Peru and Guatemala
TACA will operate a new route between its hub in Peru and Guatemala. This new direct flight between the two destinations will be operated with aircraft from the Airbus fleet.

Aerolineas may move its operations to San Pedro Sula, in El Salvador
The cancelation of international flights in the Toncontin airport would leave Tegucigalpa isolated, which would affect tourism. The airports of San Pedro Sula and Comalapa in El Salvador would benefit the most from the closure of Toncontin.

Continental Airlines cancels operations in Tegucigalpa due to airport closure
Continental Airlines announced that it is temporarily canceling its services in the capital, adding that it will carry out its operations in the airport of San Pedro Sula, where it will offer 19 weekly flights.

Veracruz joins new touristic cruise ship route in the Gulf
Veracruz is ready for the permanent arrival of cruise ships, announced the Deputy Minister of Tourism Planning of the Federal government, who confirmed that the port not only has attractions, but also the necessary infrastructure to be one of the most important destinations.

Mexicana will fly between New York and Cancun
Mexicana de Aviacion announced that on July 1st, it will begin operating its New York-Cancun flight, a route which is estimated to have a potential annual market of over 1.9 million passengers, with an estimated yearly growth rate of 17 percent.

Westjet Canadian charters to increase operations
WestJet will increase its operations by expanding routes to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlan and Cancun in order to cover 14 new destinations on Aztec soil in 2008 and 2009. WestJet will immediately begin arriving at the new destinations with 7 new routes.

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JetBlue to increase daily flights to Puerto Rico before the end of the year
JetBlue Airways informed that before the end of the year it plans to add daily flights to Puerto Rico originating from New York, Orlando and Boston. It specified that at the beginning of September it will incorporate four daily flights between New York’s John F. Kennedy and San Juan, and announced a fifth daily connection in November, as well as the sixth and seventh connections in December.

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